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        to provide excellent products and high quality services to customers

        to provide excellent products and high quality services to customers

        Yingkou chemical acid pump, how to maintain your submersible sewage pump

        Date:2019-03-01 Author: Click:

        In order to ensure the normal use and life of the submersible sewage pump, regular inspection and maintenance should be carried out

        1. Determine the correct rotation direction of the motor

        Should make clear the rotation direction of the motor, now there are many types of submersible sewage pump positive rotation and rotation can be out of water, but when the rotation of small amount of water, large current, its rotation time long will damage the motor winding.

        2, to prevent abnormal power supply voltage boot

        Because the low-voltage power supply line is relatively long, it is often the case that the terminal voltage of the line is too low.When the phase voltage is lower than 198v and the line voltage is lower than 342v, the speed of the submersible sewage pump motor will decrease. When the additional speed is less than 70%, the start centrifugal switch will close, resulting in the power supply at the time of starting up, and even the winding and capacitor will be burnt out.On the contrary, too high a voltage causes the motor to overheat and burn out the windings.Therefore, in the operation of submersible sewage pump, it is necessary for the operator to investigate the power supply voltage value at any time. If the voltage is lower than 10% of the additional voltage and higher than 10% of the additional voltage, the motor should be suspended to find out the cause and troubleshoot.

        3. Insulation resistance requirements of cable device and submersible sewage pump

        When installing the submersible sewage pump, the cable shall be overhead and the power cord shall not be too long.Do not force the cable when the submersible sewage pump is launched or put forward to prevent the power line from cracking.Submersible pump operations do not sink into the mud, or it will lead to poor heat dissipation and burn motor windings.The insulation resistance of the motor shall not be less than 0.5 megohm.

        4, leakage maintenance device

        Leakage maintenance is also called life saver, its effect from the 'life saver' these three words can be understood.Because the submersible sewage pump in the underwater operation, simple leakage of electricity to form a loss of electrical energy and even cause an electrical shock.If equipped with leakage maintenance device, only the submersible sewage pump leakage value beyond the leakage maintenance device action current value (usually not more than 30 ma), leakage maintenance device will block the submersible pump power supply, to ensure safety, together to prevent leakage, waste electricity.

        5. Prevent frequent switching

        Do not frequently switch submersible pump, this is because the pump will stop when the reflux, if the power immediately, will make the motor load to start, resulting in the launch current is too large and burnt out the winding.Because the launch of a large current, frequent launch will also burn the submersible sewage pump motor windings.

        6, do not let the submersible sewage pump long time overload work

        In order to prevent the submersible sewage pump from working overload for a long time, do not pump the water with large sand content and investigate whether the current value is the regular value on the nameplate at any time. If the current is found to be too large, please stop the machine to check.In addition, the pump dewatering operation time should not be too long, to prevent the motor overheating and incineration.

        7. Pay attention to normal maintenance

        Usually to often check the motor, such as found under the cover crack, rubber seal ring damage or failure, should be promptly replaced or corrected to prevent water into the submersible pump.

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