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        to provide excellent products and high quality services to customers

        to provide excellent products and high quality services to customers

        Corrosion - resistant self - priming pump failure?Yingkou chemical acid pump to teach you a few moves

        Date:2019-03-04 Author: Click:

        With the continuous development of industry and agriculture, chemical industry, corrosion resistant self-priming pump products more and more users friends used for conveying water, sewage, chemical medium pressure, etc., so in the process of concrete construction will inevitably appear all sorts of problem, three macros that malfunction phenomenon is normal, this and corrosion self-priming pump installation, concrete is closely related to the flow parameters such as lift, the phenomenon such as improper selection will appear some fault, how can we judge and eliminate these problems, yingkou chemical acid proof pump co., LTD., summarized the following methods, can be used for reference in the construction process used.

        First, how to judge the corrosion - resistant self - priming pump failure

        1. Corrosion resistant self-priming pump unit has no reaction after being connected to the power supply.

        This situation is mostly caused by the power plug, the power outlet wire and the motor winding disconnection.

        2, corrosion resistant self-priming pump start difficult or can not start, and accompanied by the "buzz" sound.

        Small bamboo pieces can be used to quickly move the fan blade according to the direction of operation during maintenance. If the motor is running rapidly, it indicates that the starting capacitor or the starting winding is damaged. The capacitor with the same capacity should be replaced or the starting winding should be repaired.If the motor hair card, is the motor and pump head mechanical failure, such as bearing damage, impeller stuck.

        3, the motor can run, but the speed can not reach, and the housing overheating, burning odor.

        According to mikawa, most of these faults are caused by short circuit of the motor windings. Disassemble the motor and repair it by welding, jumper, isolation and rewinding according to the damage.

        4. High noise and vibration during operation.

        Most of them are bearing damage or improper coordination between bearing and housing, the motor should be disassembled for inspection, if bearing damage should be replaced;If the bearing is "off-circle", the matching surface of the pump shell can be processed with chisel;If the bearing is "running inside the circle", the worn part of the motor shaft can be processed by chisel. If the wear is serious, it shall be repaired by surfacing welding before turning.

        If it is not correct judgment, sanchuan macro think first understand some self-priming pump troubleshooting methods.

        Ii. A list of common troubleshooting methods for corrosion resistant self-priming pump

        1, noise or vibration produced in the pump

        (1) when the suction height exceeds the specified value, the suction height should be reduced.

        (2) pump shaft bending to repair or replace.

        2, corrosion resistant self-priming pump does not give water

        (1) check whether sufficient water is added to the water storage chamber of the pump body before starting (at least the water surface exceeds the center line of the impeller).Otherwise, add plenty of water.

        (2) whether the rotation direction meets the requirements.If not, it can be adjusted to make it consistent with the direction of rotation of the pump.

        (3) whether the impeller mouth of self-priming sewage pump is blocked.Dredge if there is a blockage.

        (4) whether there is leakage or blockage in the water suction pipe.If so, they should be eliminated immediately.

        (5) check whether mechanical seal and framework oil seal are damaged.Replace if damaged.

        (6) the backflow hole in the pump body must be unblocked.Otherwise, clean the backflow hole to remove blockage.

        (7) if the pump speed is too low, it should reach the normal speed.

        3. If the automatic time is too long, the centrifugal self-suction effect of the pipe cannot be reflected

        (1) appropriately increase the position of the return hole.

        (2) properly control the clearance between the impeller diameter and the tongue of the pump body.

        (3) ensure that the center line of the impeller coincides with the center line of the vortex shell.

        (4) appropriately increase the area of the return hole (but not too large).

        4. The lift cannot reach the maximum height of self-suction

        (1) the area of the backflow hole is appropriately reduced, so that although the time of self-priming is prolonged, the maximum height of self-priming pump can be increased.

        (2) the pump body diffusion pipe is not cut too much or too low oblique, appropriate increase in the height of the diffusion pipe can improve the suction process of self-priming pump.

        5, corrosion resistant self-priming pump operation spit water, can not complete the process of self-priming

        (1) check whether the reflux hole is enlarged.Generally speaking, because backflow hole is big, backflow speed is fast, the gas mixture that eliminates can increase, reason makes water gush out from pump outlet, but cannot complete imbibe a process oneself.In this case, the backflow hole can be properly plugged to reduce the backflow hole.

        (2) appropriately increase the height of the pump outlet.If the outlet height is low, the liquid in the impeller rotation is easy to leak out, can not form air water separation.

        Above is yingkou chemical acid proof pump summary judgment fault handle some common fault of methods, but in practical application, the above problems not only, also spawned other common faults, suggest users friends know corrosion self-priming pump unit structure and the internal structure and working principle of the lines, in the actual construction process, regularly check the maintenance and maintenance, the corrosion resistance of the failure of self-priming pump and probability to a minimum.

        In short, yingkou chemical acid pump think, corrosion resistant self-priming pump failure is not terrible, the main fault is after the failure, remember not to be successful in the fault after the elimination, continue to use, this will make the service life of corrosion resistant self-priming pump greatly discount!

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