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        to provide excellent products and high quality services to customers

        to provide excellent products and high quality services to customers

        Get you the basic knowledge of magnetic drive pump!

        Date:2019-03-05 Author: Click:

        In the environmental protection industry, magnetic drive pump is widely used, so let us understand some basic knowledge about magnetic drive pump

        I. prevention of demagnetization

        (1) it shall operate under specified temperature conditions, and the medium temperature shall not exceed the standard.Sanchuan macro pump magnet magnetic drive pumps adopt rare earth neodymium iron 錋 strong magnetic, advantage is that magnetic force strong, small size, mechanical performance is very stable.The magnet brand is higher than the market counterparts, can be used in 120 degrees.

        (2) the magnetic torque shall not be designed too small.To ensure the strong output of magnetic drive pump!

        Ii. It is not applicable in the pressure system. Due to the certain clearance in the magnetic driving pump chamber and the use of "static bearing" in the magnetic pump, this series of pumps can never be used in the pressure system.

        (1) in the medium, if there are solid particles, the pump inlet to add filter;Avoid use under conditions containing iron particles.(if it is necessary to use in the presence of ferromagnetic particles, add a magnetic filter at the inlet)

        (2) for the transport fluid is easy to precipitate the crystallization of the medium, should be cleaned in time after use, drain the pump fluid.After normal operation of the magnetic pump for 1000 hours, the bearing and end face moving ring shall be inspected for wear, and the wearing parts shall be replaced.

        (3) the medium and its temperature shall be within the allowable range of the pump material.The use of engineering plastic pump temperature < 60 ℃, the use of metal pump temperature < 100 ℃, conveying suction pressure no greater than 0.2 MPa, the maximum working pressure of 1.6 MPa, the density is not greater than 1600 kg/m3, viscosity is not greater than 30 x10-6 m2 / S does not contain the liquid of hard particles and fibers.

        (4) since the cooling and lubrication of the magnetic drive pump bearing is dependent on the medium to be transported, it is absolutely prohibited to run empty, and at the same time to avoid the time and space load operation caused by starting again after the power failure in the middle of the work.

        (5) the pump in use environmental temperature should be less than 40 ℃, the motor temperature rise shall not exceed 75 ℃.

        Prevent particles from entering

        (1) when conveying medium containing solid particles, it shall be filtered at the inlet of the pump flow pipe.

        (2) transport easy crystallization or precipitation of the medium to be promptly washed (pump stop after pouring water into the pump chamber, clean discharge after 1min operation) to ensure the service life of sliding bearing.

        (3) media pumping is strictly prohibited.

        (4) when the outlet valve is closed, the continuous running time of the pump shall not exceed 2min to prevent the magnetic actuator from overheating and failure.

        (5) ferromagnetic impurities and particles are not allowed to enter the magnetic drive and bearing friction pair.

        (6) media pumping is strictly prohibited.

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