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        to provide excellent products and high quality services to customers

        to provide excellent products and high quality services to customers

        With particles of neutral mine water or sewage with what pump is better?

        Date:2019-03-08 Author: Click:

        In the operation of some coal enterprises, there are often various kinds of mine drainage or sewage transportation and discharge.Sometimes because the depth of the mine is very high, the path is very long, the discharge of mine water or sewage has become a big problem.And sometimes there are particles in the water, which adds to the complexity of delivering water.

        For the general pump, either can not meet the requirements of pumping distance and height, or can not achieve the transmission of particles.So, for the water quality of the mine and particulate matter, what kind of pump should be selected to be able to?

        Yingkou chemical acid pump co., LTD. Sales staff said: for this type of depth is very long, far away, and the water quality is more complex situation, my company's MD mine with multi-stage pump pump can meet this condition of water transport.

        The xiang pump MD type multistage pump for mine is one of the series of mine multistage pumps produced by our company.It has the advantages of high efficiency, wide performance range, safe and smooth operation.Suitable for conveying particle content of 1.5% or less, particle size of 0.5 mm or less, the temperature was minus 20-80 ℃ neutral mine water and other similar wastewater.Not only that, my company's multi-stage pump series, have passed the national coal safety certification, with a special mark for mining MA.

        If you are responsible for the procurement of coal mining enterprises, want to purchase the appropriate quality of mining pumps, you can contact the pump manufacturers