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        to provide excellent products and high quality services to customers

        to provide excellent products and high quality services to customers

        Pump group into the predictive maintenance era

        Date:2019-03-09 Author: Click:

        "If you compare the pump monitoring system to a doctor, these pumps enjoy 24-hour attentive service.Before it was preventive maintenance, fire maintenance, now it is predictive maintenance, the right medicine.Tianjin petrochemical equipment department has been built.

        As the group's first pump group monitoring system user, the project was officially put into use in tianjin petrochemical company in March 2011.After more than three years of actual operation, tianjin petrochemical from the use of management continuous improvement, not only help the key device to reduce the failure rate, reduce the downtime, but also successfully lead the pump group into the predictive maintenance era.

        Pump monitoring system pilot promotion to achieve full coverage

        Sealing leakage of high temperature oil pump in refining and chemical enterprises is a "stubborn disease".To solve this problem, tianjin petrochemical corporation, with the help of the group, takes the lead in introducing the key pump online detection system, and integrates with the unit online and other monitoring systems to build tianjin petrochemical equipment status monitoring network platform, and strives to achieve "intelligent monitoring, three-dimensional monitoring, defect prediction, prevention and maintenance" of pump group management.

        They chose the hot oil pump area of no. 3 atmospheric and decompression device with relatively high pump failure rate as the research object, focused on optimizing the pump operation and reducing energy consumption, and achieved the goal of reducing the failure rate by adopting the pump online monitoring technology.

        "In just six months, we felt the system was fantastic.The equipment state is bright and clear, the regular census has become a targeted attention, work efficiency has been greatly improved.Joint five workshop equipment director liu jingming said he is a direct beneficiary.

        Pump group monitoring system includes on-line monitoring and off-line monitoring.The key pump adopts online monitoring, and the collected data is transmitted to the server on a regular basis through fixed probe and wireless monitor.The main pump adopts offline monitoring, which is carried out by professional point checkers. The data are collected and uploaded by using the timing and route determination of the integrated point checker (HD711).

        At first, the project covered only 5 sets of equipment and 38 sets of equipment in the refining department.Offline monitoring covers 16 sets of devices and 147 sets of equipment.Since the second half of 2011, they have been expanding the scope of pilot projects in the ministry of oil refining and the ministry of chemical industry.

        Pump monitoring "software" help to form a management system

        "If there is any abnormality in the pump, it will notify us through the sensor device, and the multi-directional camera can help us accurately locate the 'lesion' of the equipment."An shaopei, a mobile equipment technician in the refining department, enumerates the benefits of an intelligent monitoring system for pumps.

        According to an shaopei, due to the large number and wide distribution of pumps, the monitoring system of pump group can track the equipment operation in real time, and accurate data can reduce the maintenance time and cost of on-site confirmation problems and repeated tests.

        In order to ensure the use effect of pump monitoring system, the oil refining department has defined the responsibilities of operation, equipment management and maintenance, refined the work flow of the state monitoring system, and established an online monitoring emergency network.The operator of the first alarm shall confirm the pump running condition on site, while the technician and workshop supervisor shall confirm the highest four-alarm level.

        In order to improve the diagnostic skills of the staff, the department has strengthened the training of status monitoring to improve the ability of all kinds of personnel to judge and deal with the deep-seated problems of the equipment, so as to find hidden dangers in advance, accurately locate the fault points and take the correct treatment measures.

        In 2014, according to the data of pump monitoring system, the oil refining department found more than 180 cases of pump lubrication problems and loose fasteners, more than 30 cases of preventive maintenance, and 5 cases of major secondary accidents were avoided.

        Pump online monitoring: failure to promote equipment management concept sublimation

        Wang guoqiang, head of the pump condition monitoring group responsible for the equipment delivery, said that they found the temperature data of the gasoline and diesel hydrogenation 101 pump was abnormal when they carried out offline monitoring of the pump in the second workshop.After informing the insurance station to fill lubricating oil, they increased the monitoring frequency, but the normal time of data after each filling of lubricating oil became shorter and shorter. Therefore, they decisively informed the insurance station and the production workshop.Later, in its suspension, after the disintegration of the pump found that the rolling body has signs of wear.

        On January 29, this year, just after 8 o 'clock, xiao Chen, who is responsible for online monitoring, found that no. 3 nord and vacuum 110A pump motor drive end has an abnormal acceleration three-level alarm state.He immediately reported the situation to the transportation station, and found that the retainer on the drive end of the pump motor had become loose, which caused the bearing to get stuck.

        "Before, we thought we would change it if it broke, but now it's better to prevent failure than to fix it.Wang guoqiang said the equipment management philosophy of the past and present changes.

        Originally, in order to mobilize the enthusiasm of the transportation personnel to maintain the equipment, the oil refining department carried out the reward and punishment assessment on the status monitoring and testing effect from the aspects of equipment performance, including the completion rate, operation rate and failure rate, and implemented the spare parts contract system at the same time.

        According to the statistics of tianjin petrochemical professional department, through the continuous deepening of the application of pump monitoring system, the number of pump failures in recent years has been geometrically reduced.Take the pump failure rate of oil refining department in 2014 as an example, the year-on-year decrease is still up to 10%, and the consumptions of wearing parts are reduced by 549 sets, while the economic losses thus avoided are difficult to be shown by data."What we value most is the promotion and improvement of the management system after using this system, as well as the upgrading of the equipment management concept.We will promote it across the company.Tianjin petrochemical equipment, vice minister wei dong said.

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