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        to provide excellent products and high quality services to customers

        to provide excellent products and high quality services to customers

        "Internet +" spring tide yingkou chemical acid pump co., ltd. to achieve fame and fortune double harvest

        Date:2019-03-10 Author: Click:

        Much starker choices-and graver consequences-in planning is about to start, environmental pump market background, policy good release ceaselessly, make yingkou chemical acid proof pump co., LTD. Established power companies such as conveniently rise, cling to the Internet wave, smooth transformation and upgrading, product also turned to high-end market, in the pump industry occupy a larger market share, brand value and get maximum play, achieve fame and fortune.

        "Twelfth five-year" period, the state shall, in accordance with the new growth point of national economy and the pillar industry to support of environmental protection industry, including the three major support of traditional environmental protection industry key: the construction of urban sewage and garbage disposal facilities engineering, the key sources of pollution control engineering and cleaner production demonstration project, kept increasing policy support, make environmental protection reached a peak pump up to the market demand.The 13th five-year environmental protection has been ready to go, the future development of the pump industry can be imagined.

        In recent years, the domestic pump industry enterprises through the combination of production, education and research, independent innovation developed a number of products with independent intellectual property rights, can basically meet the requirements of domestic related devices on pump products.At the same time, yingkou chemical acid pump co., ltd. and other established strength of the rise of the trend, as a powerful engine for the long-term development of the pump industry.

        "Public information shows that pumps account for about 15 per cent of the total investment in sewage treatment equipment.According to the proportional calculation, during the "twelfth five-year plan" period, the demand for pump products in the field of urban sewage treatment will be about 60 billion yuan, and there will be nearly 40 billion market demand in the next three years.Yamei pump industry head said.

        Yingkou chemical acid-proof pump co., LTD., founded in 1997, has gone through more than 20 years. It can be said that it is a witness and promoter in the continuous development and expansion of China's pump industry.Company of machining, hot and cold processing, investment casting, scientific research production, production equipment, physical and chemical testing and detection means is complete, the pump performance test bed with 380 v, 6 kv, 10 kv high and low pressure testing capability, specializing in the production of "the plum" brand stainless steel corrosion resistance, abrasion resistance and chemical centrifugal pump and non-metal fluorine plastic pump to be the star of the domestic market leading products, popular customer trust.

        In recent years, influenced by the favorable policies and market conditions, yamei pump industry pays attention to the optimization of product chain structure and increases the proportion of high-specification and high-flow products, which greatly expands the profit growth space.Main products such as centrifugal pump, plastic pump series downstream demand is relatively stable, in the company's business accounts for a large proportion, market share growth significantly accelerated, there is still a large room for improvement.According to the person in charge of the company, the company is now layout of high-end pump products, with high quality product quality and reserves, has formed a echelon, is in the high growth period, even if the economic situation slightly tense, still can support the company's equipment business overall stable growth.

        Good wine needs no bush.Yamei pump industry attaches great importance to products and services and never forgets the implementation of marketing strategies. The nationwide marketing network has become an important support for the company's diversified layout.Especially in the rapid development of the "Internet plus" tide, whether the traditional pump industry can seize new opportunities has become the key to overcome difficulties and gain development momentum.

        According to the analysis of the person in charge of yingkou chemical acid pump co., LTD., Internet marketing is the trend of The Times for social economy.With China's environmental protection industry's leading e-commerce platform, in the process of China's environmental protection online cooperation, yingkou chemical acid proof pump co., LTD. Gain more targeted customers effectively, enterprise value unceasingly thoroughly dependent increase consumers' brand, break the traditional pattern of promotion, online multi-channel platform for the company truly "going out", in the pump industry occupy a larger market share, maximizes the brand value, and his reputation.

        Yingkou chemical acid pump co., LTD