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        to provide excellent products and high quality services to customers

        to provide excellent products and high quality services to customers

        Acid-proof pump working principle

        Date:2019-03-14 Author: Click:

        Most acid proof pump can acid mainly is the material of pump, the principle of the general acid proof pump adopts nonmetal material as the pump flow components materials, such as polyethylene, polypropylene, fep, etc ", including fep is one of the best acid material, basically can resist the corrosion of acidic medium, is called the king of plastic.

        Working principle: the impeller is driven by the pump shaft to rotate, and work is done on the fluid between the blades. The fluid is affected by centrifugal force, and is thrown to the periphery from the center of the impeller.When the fluid reaches the outside of the impeller, the flow rate is very high.The pump shell collects the liquid ejected from between the blades. The liquid flows in the shell along the direction of the volute channel gradually expanding, so that the kinetic energy of the fluid can be converted into the static pressure energy to reduce the energy loss.So the pump housing is not only a liquid collector, it is an energy conversion device.Liquid suction principle: high speed rotation of the impeller forces the liquid in the center of the impeller to be thrown away at a high speed, thus forming a low pressure in the center of the impeller, so the liquid in the low slot is continuously sucked up.

        In order to prevent the occurrence of the phenomenon of gas binding, centrifugal pump to start with external liquid pump shell filled with space.This operation is called priming.In order to prevent the liquid into the pump shell due to gravity into the low tank, the pump suction pipe inlet is equipped with a check valve (bottom valve);If the pump position is lower than the tank level, the pump is not required to start.The guide wheel is installed around the impeller to make the liquid energy conversion efficiency in the pump high.The guide wheel is a fixed vane ring around the impeller.The bending direction of this blade is opposite to that of the impeller blade, and its bending Angle is just in line with the direction of liquid flowing out of the impeller. It guides the liquid to change direction smoothly in the pump shell channel, so as to minimize energy loss and achieve high efficiency in converting dynamic pressure energy into static pressure energy.Counterbore on rear cover eliminates axial thrust.The liquid pressure away from the periphery of the impeller is already high, and some of it will seep into the rear side of the impeller cover plate, while the liquid inlet at the front side of the impeller is low pressure, thus generating axial thrust to push the impeller to the side of the pump inlet.This is easy to cause impeller and pump shell contact wear, serious vibration will occur.The balance hole makes part of the high-pressure liquid leak to the low pressure area, and reduces the pressure difference between the front and the back of the impeller.But this will also cause a reduction in pump efficiency.The shaft seal device ensures the normal and efficient operation of the centrifugal pump.Centrifugal pump in the work is the pump shaft rotation and shell does not move, between the ring gap if not sealed or sealed well, the outside air will infiltrate the impeller center of the low pressure zone, so that the pump flow, efficiency decline.Zero flow in severe cases -- air lock.In general, a mechanical seal or packing seal may be used to achieve a seal between the shaft and the shell.

        Acid-proof pump working principle, before starting, should close the outlet valve, the pump should be filled with liquid, this process is called irrigation pump.When working, the prime mover is started to make the impeller rotate, and the liquid driven by the blade in the impeller rotates together to generate centrifugal force, so that the liquid is thrown to the impeller outlet along the blade runner and sent to the discharge pipe of the outlet valve through the volute.The liquid obtains mechanical energy from the impeller to increase the pressure energy and kinetic energy.

        A low pressure is formed at the impeller inlet as the liquid is continuously thrown towards the impeller outlet.There is a pressure difference between the liquid in the suction tank and the liquid at the center line of the impeller inlet. Under this pressure difference, the liquid in the suction tank continuously enters into the impeller through the suction pipe and the suction chamber of the pump, so that the acid-resistant pump can work continuously.