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        to provide excellent products and high quality services to customers

        to provide excellent products and high quality services to customers

        Chemical pump detailed explanation and understanding of the role

        Date:2018-10-03 Author: Click:

        Driven by the huge oil demand, the demand for pump valves in the domestic market will continue to increase by more than 10% in the next few years, with an increasing trend year by year.So what is a chemical pump?What is the specific role of chemical pump?

        1, what is the chemical pump?

        Pump is used to transport liquid and improve the pressure of the machine chemical pump is a general name, and chemical pump refers to the chemical production of special requirements on the pump:The resistance to high temperature, low temperature;Corrosion resistance;Of wear and tear;5 it shall be no leakage or less leakage;? ? can transport liquids in the critical state;The reliable operation of the pointer is mainly for the characteristics of the medium, generally can improve the pump product through the change of material or other structure, in addition to the pure water of all chemicals caused by the corrosion requirements, this kind of pump is known as the chemical pump.

        Chemical pump is mainly composed of pump body, impeller, pump cover and other parts.

        2, what is the use of chemical pump?

        Widely used in industry, urban water supply, drainage, can also be used in farmland, orchard irrigation, for the transport of water or physical and chemical properties similar to water and other liquids.

        Chemical pump application scope

        1. Chemical pump is suitable for extracting corrosive liquid from bottles, barrels, cylinders, pools or other containers.

        2. Chemical pump has the advantages of stable and reliable performance, good sealing performance, beautiful shape and convenient maintenance.To improve product quality, reduce run, run, drop, leak, prevent pollution, improve the environment, play a great role.

        3. Chemical pump is suitable for chemical, petroleum, metallurgy, power station, food, pharmaceuticals, synthetic fiber and other departments to transport corrosive medium in various ℃ temperature or high physical and chemical properties of the medium.

        4. Chemical pump products mainly include: various glass fiber chemical pump, corrosion resistant plastic pump, high temperature chemical pump, standard chemical process pump, magnetic drive pump, etc.

        5. Chemical pump is used to pump water, containing abrasive, harmful to ordinary pump body materials, suspended, corrosive to stainless steel materials, non-explosive materials;

        6. Chemical pump is widely used in water supply at the same time;

        7. For heating, air conditioning, cooling and circulation systems;

        8. For civil and industrial use;

        9. For fire protection;

        10. For irrigation;

        11. For daily use and civil, industrial, horticultural and irrigation purposes;

        12. For stormwater storage works;

        13. Used in places where noise must be low;

        14 for pressurization, suitable for conveying corrosive, explosive, granular water or liquid;

        15. Suitable for pipe network pressurization.