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        to provide excellent products and high quality services to customers

        Vertical self-priming pump

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        • Date:2019/05/21
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        Chemical acid pump

        I. overview of vertical self-priming pump:

        The pump has a compact structure, appearance beautiful, good self-priming performance, energy saving, cover an area of an area small, stable operation, in and out of the same caliber, and at the same level, can be installed on any section of the horizontal tube road, convenient usage and maintenance etc., has wide application market and development prospects, because of should have the function of self-priming pump, so instead of the ISG series vertical pipeline centrifugal pump use.

        Ii. Application scope of vertical self-priming pump

        Vertical self-priming pump, ZLH vertical self-priming chemical pump, ZLB vertical self-priming oil pump can be used for industrial and urban water supply and drainage, pressurized water supply for high-rise buildings, electronics, electric power, chemical industry, metallurgy, food, electroplating, water purification, military industry, textile printing and dyeing, oil field, oil depot, gas station, mining and mineral processing and other industries to transport various media.

        Iii. Vertical self-priming pump model significance:

            For example: ZL 100-32

            ZL- vertical self - priming pump

            No label is as clean water pump, P: self-priming chemical pump, B: self-priming oil pump

            100-diameter of pump inlet and outlet (mm)

            32- pump design point head (m)