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        to provide excellent products and high quality services to customers

        Pump barrel bag

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        • Date:2019/05/21
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        Chemical acid pump

        Using range

        Refineries, petrochemical plants, power plants, cryogenic engineering, pipeline pressurization, offshore oil platforms, liquefied natural gas engineering


        The pump is radial split type.The impeller is in the form of single suction radial type, and equipped with a single-stage housing. Impeller is generally suction impeller.

        The axial force is borne by the centripetal thrust ball bearing.In the case of large pressure difference, the axial force housing is balanced by the balance drum device to bear the inlet pressure. The length of the housing and the installation depth of the pump depend on the NPSH cavitation performance requirements.

        If the pump is installed on the container or connected with the pipe flange, do not install the shell (TMC form).

        The centripetal thrust ball bearing in the bearing box body is lubricated by lubricating oil and has a separate automatic lubricating system.The hydrodynamic radial sliding bearing is located at the inlet end of the pump.

        Pump in the case of installation, the pump shaft with intermediate support, its support with liquid lubrication.

        Shaft seals are available in the form of single-face mechanical seals, double-face mechanical seals, tandem mechanical seals, and equipped with cooling, flushing or sealing fluid systems.

        The suction pipe and discharge pipe are positioned at an Angle of 180o above the mounting flange, but other arrangements are acceptable.Flange standards are DIN or GB.The connection thread of the pipe shall be driven by G or Rc/R motor through a flexible coupling. The motor shall be installed in the form of V1.Viewed from the direction of the drive end, the pump rotates counterclockwise.